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The latest in expansion joint technology for parking structures will be exhibited from Wabo® by Watson Bowman Acme. Wabo systems provide high quality, high performance solutions which also address requirements for sustainability, aesthetics, water tightness and fire protection. RAB Associates (UK) Ltd., the UK distributor for WBA will be on hand to demonstrate and discuss the innovative systems.

RAB Associates are very proud to be the UK distributor for the Wabo® range of products by Watson Bowman Acme. This range offers the widest possible choice for expansion control systems and responsible solutions for civil and commercial structures.

Building upon their bridge engineering expertise, and their knowledge of seismic movement, structural behavior and vehicular loading, Watson Bowman Acme are able to provide high quality, high performance expansion control systems that last for the ever-increasing performance demands of the parking structure market. Parking and Stadium structures also require the same high-performance of the architectural expansion joint with the added requirement of aesthetics, water tightness and fire protection for areas in and around luxury boxes, stair towers, and public use areas within those structures. Add to this, requirements for seismic management and sustainability of the structure, and you need the engineered expertise of Watson Bowman Acme to ensure all project requirements are met – both now and into the future. These are world-class solutions expected of a BASF company.

Representatives from both RAB and WBA will be on hand at the exhibition to discuss and demonstrate the latest in expansion joint technology.

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Watson Bowman Acme - Wabo® - Your Strongest Partner for Expansion Control Systems

Introducing Watson Bowman Acme

Watson Bowman Acme, a BASF construction chemicals business, has been at the industry forefront of the design and manufacturing of expansion joints since the 1950s. As the only company with expertise in all market sectors, including bridge and highway, Parking and Stadium, and Architectural buildings, Watson Bowman Acme is your strongest partner for expansion control systems and responsible solutions.

WBA are based in Amherst, New York and represented in the UK by RAB Associates (UK) Ltd. A company with over 40 years of expertise in civil engineering and expansion joints.

Wabo®Seismic SafetyFlex Installation

The Patent Pending Wabo®Seismic SafetyFlex system accommodates multi-directional seismic movement.

Wabo®FireShield Installation

Wabo®FireShield FSH is a second generation unified fire rated, sound, UV stable, thermal and waterproof sealant system. This video provides a quick guide on how it is installed.

Wabo®SafetyGuard SFG-EP Installation

Wabo®SafetyGuard is a dual purpose, quiet riding expansion joint and speed reduction system. This video offers a quick guide on how it is installed.

Wabo®XPE Parking Installation

Wabo®XPE is a preformed, impermeable, UV stable gray foam joint seal that is bonded into place with a two component 100% solids modified epoxy adhesive.