JustPark makes parking effortless. Powered by award-winning technology and 5-star service, our mobile payments are 84 seconds faster than other providers on average - and increase cashless uptake by 21%. Plus with low rates and no hidden fees, we have saved our clients £100,000s. Find out how at stand E46.

Drivers can pay in under 30 seconds using the JustPark app - with free expiry reminders and extensions, and no hidden charges. Our IVR and SMS systems offer checkout speeds as fast as 90 seconds. This user-friendly payment process is how JustPark can reliably increase cashless uptake and customer satisfaction - with our products the highest-rated in the market.

As well as improving public perceptions of parking, JustPark also vastly reduces costs for local authorities - decreasing reliance on cash, and charging lower rates too (with no extra charges for tariff updates). Our digital back-office portal makes reporting simple and efficient. These features have helped us win all 5 of the last 5 public sector cashless parking procurement processes.

Parking has been painful for too long. Make a positive change, and see how JustPark could transform parking in your city - making it effortless for residents, visitors and local authorities alike.

To find out more about our cashless parking service, come to stand E46 at Parkex - or get in touch via cashless@justpark.com or the contact details below, and one of our expert team will be happy to help.

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Products at the Show

App payments

JustPark is the UK’s highest-rated parking app – providing a 5-star experience designed to increase customer satisfaction and repeat usage. Sites adopting JustPark app payments invariably see a positive impact on cashless uptake and revenue, with our most regular customers using the app.

Drivers can register and pay in just 30 seconds, with free expiry reminders and extensions included. Alongside card payments, customers can pay using Apple Pay, Android Pay and PayPal One Touch – maximising the efficiency and ease of the payment process.

IVR/SMS payments

Ensuring cashless parking is accessible to everyone, our IVR and SMS service provides a highly-reliable alternative to app payments – with checkout speeds as fast as 90 seconds.

Unlike competing solutions, drivers have the option to opt in and receive reminder SMS messages, and can extend their session easily by text or over the phone.

Digital kiosk

We offer a comprehensive cashless solution that extends beyond just mobile payments, providing digital pay-on-foot kiosks with an array of features designed to streamline customers’ parking experience.

Our digital kiosks support both pay-on-arrival or pay-on-exit, integrating with ANPR cameras to allow drivers to pay only for the time they have used. They are also enabled for dynamic pricing, promotional codes and validation programmes, and re-marketing activity by capturing customers’ emails/phone numbers.

Requiring minimum maintenance spend, our digital kiosks are both weatherproof and vandal-proof. They accept contactless, Chip & PIN and Apple/Android Pay as standard, with additional cash payment solutions available.

Flexible validations

Our validations system offers businesses the ability to discount customer parking in a fully-flexible way. Validations can be an integral data source for understanding your customers’ behaviour, and can be used to incentivise footfall and purchases (for example in the retail setting).

The JustPark validation system can allow you to: - Offer percentage discounts (50% off) or fixed discounts (£3 off, FREE parking) - Cap the number of validations offered at any given time - Charge customers or retailers for excess visitors

Online reporting suite

Our online reporting suite provides in-depth analysis of car park performance – displaying real-time revenue and occupancy data, and providing full visibility on driver identities and behaviour. Flexible for individual needs, car park data can be filtered by standard reporting periods with custom date selection. Permits can also be generated via the portal for the likes of staff or office workers.

The mobile-friendly booking feed makes it possible for you to know who is in your car park at any given time – with vehicle registration info updated in real-time for added security.

Dynamic pricing

Parking lags behind comparable industries (such as hospitality) in pricing strategy and yield management. JustPark have therefore developed a unique dynamic pricing system for car parks which optimises tariffs based on historic occupancy and search data – lowering rates to encourage drivers to park during off-peak, and increasing rates when spaces are in short supply.

Our award-winning solution is easy to integrate and has been proven to increase revenue by 20% on average.

This optimised, responsive tariff system increases yield for operators – whilst also helping to create positive relationships with customers, by offering comparably low rates during off-peak periods.

Predictive availability

Optimising your marketing channels and pricing strategies can be difficult without an understanding of expected occupancies. Our predictive availability platform uses data from multiple sources (payments, camera feeds, sensors, online search traffic, historic occupancy) to forecast expected occupancy on any given day.

This information can then be used to tailor pricing and marketing initiatives to maximise revenue.

For example, we use data to predict higher demand on event days and can therefore adjust your prices accordingly. This is all automated and happens in real time.

Or – if you have multiple car parks in one area – as customers make informed decisions on where to park ahead of their arrival, we can direct drivers to sites with lower occupancies.

Unrivalled marketing

Marketing is one of the biggest challenges when running a car park. With over 1.5 million people using JustPark to find, reserve and pay for parking, we open up a significant new revenue stream for operators and property owners – raising awareness of your car parks and filling empty spaces, plus ensuring a positive driver experience to increase loyalty and repeat custom.

We have built an automated digital marketing engine which has tripled our efficiency of customer acquisition. Across multiple channels (including Adwords and social media), we optimise our adverts in real-time to drive maximum traffic to car parks.

Seamless reservations

Drivers don't just want an app for payments: they want an app that makes the whole end-to-end process easier. With JustPark’s easy-to-use mobile app and desktop site, drivers can reserve in advance - giving them total peace of mind that they have a guaranteed space on arrival.

Creating an effortless, stress-free parking experience vastly improves customer satisfaction - leading to increased repeat usage at your car park.