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TagMaster, the leading supplier that designs and markets advanced RFID, Infomobility and ANPR cameras for vehicle identification in demanding environments within Traffic and Rail Solutions. TagMaster providing innovative mobility solutions, sold under the brands TagMaster, CitySync, Balogh, CA Traffic & Magsys, in order to increase efficiency, security, convenience and to decrease environmental impact within Smart Cities.

CitySync Ltd is a leading company in ANPR/LPR technology and they have been in the business since 1997 and a part of TagMaster Group since summer 2015. It took place because TagMaster Group wanted to diversify its product offering for all the applications described above and to incorporate RFID and ANPR products, thus putting our companies in a position to offer “subsolutions” that differentiates from most of our competitors. CitySync was a software company founded in 1997 which was one of the pioneers of ANPR technology in the UK. Britain has always been an early adopter and was one of the first countries to put this technology to use in both law enforcement and traffic management contexts. To put it simply, the technology involves a camera taking several images of the vehicle’s number plate, running a number of algorithms to “find” it, reading the plate, and then converting the image into letters and numbers. This takes place at lightning speed and with a very high level of precision. CitySync has one of the fastest OCR (Optical Character Recognition) algorithms on the market and can process over 200 images per second, as well as simultaneously reading eight plates that have been captured in a single image. Algorithms which can also bring up the vehicle make, model, and color are being tested, something which further confirms that the company is at the absolute cutting edge of technology. The algorithms that CitySync work with are based on neural networks and artificial intelligence; there is a major focus on improving existing functions and developing services for new applications. CitySyncs products are used within traffic, toll roads, parking and for security solutions.

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