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At MC Products we design and supply a wide range of enforcement, parking and security vests for the industry which can be adapted for body worn cameras (BWC) along with holdalls, holsters, and belt kits. We also provide badges, epaulettes, reflective tape, and fittings for radio and body worn cameras. We have the facility for in house for bespoke manufacturing

MC Products UK Ltd provide a wide range of clothing including hi-visibility tabards, jackets and equipment vests for parking and enforcement officers along with holdalls, holsters, belt kit and accessories , in the modern environment it is not just enough to be able to design and supply you have to provide your clients with additional services, such as modifying existing garments, with badges, epaulettes, additional reflective tape or fittings for radio and body worn cameras, that is where we at MC Products UK Ltd have the edge with our in house sewing facility.

Originally the sewing facility was for production purposes but when the need to supply modifications to existing work wear became apparent, especially with the introduction of body worn cameras and radio’s, we decided to utilise our sewing ability. Many clients may only require small quantities 5 or 10 garments and not all suppliers can provide the additional services on low volumes but we can.

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Products at the Show

Enforcement Vest TEVPARK-N

The Protec Navy Enforcement / Parking and Security vests are manufactured to high standards and materials with design being a major factor to help spread the weight of today’s essential equipment evenly across the body which helps to reduce the stress and pain from using utility belts by MC Products UK Ltd, for further details email sales@mcproducts.co.uk. Also available in Yellow and Black

Security Vest - TV5PH

Advanced Utility Vest suitable for security officers, dog handlers,search team, USAR teams, Enforcement Officers and many more, if you don't require baton, handcuff and CS pouches but still require the comfort and versatility of a vest this is the one for you. All Protec Equipment Vests and Carriage Systems are designed by expert technicians with the input of Operational staff to ensure that each garment is made to a high standard. Also available in Black , Navy and coming soon Red.


In an emergency response situation, team identification is critical. Being able to quickly and accurately identify team leaders dramatically enhances the effectiveness of any team dealing with emergency or disaster control situations. Made in conjunction with the Jesip Guidelines. Part of a range Incident Tabards. Bespoke service available.

First Strike K9 Dog Deterrent Spray

Drawing on many years of operational experience with military police and government agencies around the world Advanced K9 Solutions decided to produce a commercial dog attack deterrent spray. First Strike K9 Spray complies with all current legislation - for further details contact us by email sales@mcproducts.co.uk Complete with belt pouch.

Metal Detectors MD6

The Super-Scanner is a CE passed handheld security body scanner that is designed to meet the exact requirements of the security industry. Typical uses will include body search for offensive weapons in crowd control, airport and border security, checking parcels and letters for metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal needs to be detected.

Security Pouch

Adapted from our best selling PT3 pouch, The PT13 pouch is fitted with a 92cm strong nickel plated chain with welded links and dog hook clip. The pouch is made from strong 1200D nylon and measures approx 15x11x3.5cm so is the perfect size for storing your secure ward or prison wing keys where they can't be pulled from your belt. You can also store up to 2 pens using the elastic retainer in the lid

Leather Lanyard LSK5

The LSK5 is made from a strong 2mm leather with strong nickel plated steel fittings. Unique to the LSK5 is a spare welded D ring securely riveted in place, this can be used to quickly attach another temporary set of keys without having to take the time to thread them through a split ring. Widely used in secure units. Part of wide range of chains and belt pouches

UK Manufactured Handcuffs

TCH800: This standard nickel plate chained model in the TCH range is already a world beater. It may be called 'standard' but these set the standard, which other manufacturers aspire to. Supplied to forces all over the world. UK Manufactured for quality, part of a wide range.