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Cummins Allison Ltd, a subsidiary of Cummins-Allison Corp, has been the leading supplier of money-handling solutions in the UK for over 30 years. Our coin counting and sorting machines have a proven track record of dependability, durability, longevity and are backed by cutting-edge technology and world-leading customer service.

The JetSort has become the industry standard for coin sorting and the facility for data entry enabling the revenue from each car parking machine to be identified, processed and banked within a daily total.

Integration with our JetWedge data collection software exports the count directly into an Excel spreadsheet providing unparalleled efficiency, accuracy and accountability. Hours spent manually counting, checking and inputting will be a thing of the past.

Why buy from Cummins Allison? Quite simply our solutions make your job easier. Virtually any currency-intensive industry can work more efficiently, eliminate errors and improve their processes with our affordable solutions.

Come visit us on Stand G52. We will be exhibiting the latest range of coin and note counters that can enhance any cash counting application by significantly reducing processing time and increasing productivity.

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Products at the Show

JetSort® 1000 Coin Sorter and Counter

JetSort 1000 is a compact, versatile and reliable commercial coin counter and sorter for small businesses.

JetSort® 4200 Coin Sorter and Counter

The JetSort 4200 commercial coin counter processes coins at speeds up to 3,000 coins per minute. Coins are collected in six high-volume bags for coin-intensive businesses.

JetSort ® 6400 Coin Sorter and Counter

Especially designed for coin-intensive businesses, the JetSort® 6400 high-volume coin sorter is fast, reliable and durable. Processes up to 6,000 mixed coins a minute with 99.995% sorting accuracy.

JetSort® LX Coin Sorter

JetSort LX coin sorter maximises counting accuracy, increases operator productivity and streamlines your processes.

JetWedge Connection Software

JetWedge software acts as a bridge between Cummins Allison currency processing equipment and your accounting package to provide instant access to cash and coin processing totals.


Cummins Allison JetSort® LX Coin Counter

Cummins Allison JetSort® LX Coin Counter. Specifically designed for the needs of the European market, JetSort LX coin counter offers breakthrough speed, accuracy and ease of use. An ideal solution for handling the high-volume coin processing needs

JetSort M1000 International

The JetSort 1000 tabletop coin sorter is compact, versatile and reliable for all international business coin counting and coin sorting operations.