CAME Parkare UK is dedicated to providing a national network of on and off street parking solutions. Currently providing their PKE system to Gatwick Airport, as well as many other sites, CAME Parkare UK provides local on the ground support and know how to all of its clients.

Who are we?

Drawing on experience that spans over 60 years, CAME creates highly customised, technologically advanced solutions to manage the complete range of urban areas in line with the principles and needs of Smart City intelligent management. One of the principal characteristics of today’s society is mobility and offering technological solutions that are oriented towards the customer’s real needs, rather than just being innovative, represents being able to make a genuine contribution to the sustainability of the environment in which we live.

How can we do this?

New innovative ICT solutions and the vast range of On-Street and Off-Street products enable the management of large public spaces and urban areas to become safer and more efficient whilst simultaneously optimising traffic flow, thus reducing pollution, increasing revenue for parking management companies and helping public administrations to improve the quality of life for citizens.

Our systems:

CAME Parkare are established in the industry as a market leading parking solution provider. Our systems include both Off-Street parking management systems and equipment (pay stations, rising arm barriers, guidance systems, automatic number plate recognition systems, central control units, etc.) as well as On-Street pay & display management systems and machinery.

Customer service:

Our Customer service includes maintenance of the equipment and software throughout the lifetime of the systems. Our Customer Service organisation generates almost half of our income and represents the true spirit of CAME Parkare. We want to ensure our clients' long-term future, create lasting sales relations. But not just sales - to be more precise, we want to associate with our clients. We work with our clients in their day-to-day business and are sensitive to their demands.

We provide solutions for:

Parking Operators, Hospitals & NHS, Public Car Parks, Transport, Hotels & Leisure, Toll Operators, On Street Parking, Education & Libraries, Retail & Markets, Places of Worship

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