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Parkeon and Cale have merged to create Flowbird, the world’s leading parking services and urban mobility company. Talk to us about 4G-connected multi-services terminals, with environmental monitoring and onboard advertising modules, account-based billing, online permit provision, web-based estate management systems and integrated multiple parking payment options - including Check-In, Check-Out.

Parkeon and Cale, which have merged to create Flowbird Urban Intelligence, are joining forces at Parkex (E12) to showcase their combined portfolio of market-leading technologies.

The two businesses now make up the world’s foremost parking services and urban mobility company and will be displaying a wide range of systems at the show.

The stand will feature advanced parking and associated technologies, including 4G-connected multi-services terminals loaded with environmental monitoring and advertising modules, account-based billing, online permit provision, web-based estate management systems, multiple integrated parking payment options - including Check-In, Check-Out – and EV charging units.

“By combining the resources of Parkeon and Cale - including 500 R&D engineers - Flowbird will be at the forefront of innovation in on-and-off street parking hardware, software, sensor systems, machine-learning and AI, information security and mobile development,” says David Lloyd, Regional Marketing Manager UK. “Against this backdrop, we very much look forward to continuing our journey of innovation across the parking services landscape with our customers and stakeholders.”

Technology on display at the combined Parkeon and Cale stand includes:

• Cloud-enabled multi-services terminals, with multiple payment options and modules linked to environmental monitoring (Park & Breathe) and advertising • Web terminals with ‘Check-in, Check-out’ functionality, which provides a card-based pay-on-exit solution for small scale car parks • A MiniPark Galexio terminal as part of an ANPR demonstration area, along with a robust ICA pay on foot terminal • Fast 4G processing modules, recently introduced as an option for multi-service terminals • A white label account based web payment portal, plus an online parking permit facility • An EV charging unit • Cloud-based estate management systems, linked to Parkeon Smartfolio and Cale WebOffice • Whoosh! mobile phone payment solutions

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