Offered by 139 local authorities RingGo leads the UK cashless parking market. Our multiaward winning service improves towns and cities. Through parking, we encourage motorists to use environmentally-friendly vehicles; reduce emissions by leading them to empty spaces; help them pay quickly and easily; and extend their stay if they wish.

Offered by 139 local authorities and more than 60 private operators on top, RingGo leads the UK cashless parking market.

The aim of our multiaward winning service is simple: to make towns and cities better places.

Through parking, we encourage motorists to use environmentally-friendly vehicles; reduce emissions by directing them to convenient places where spaces are likely to be available; help them pay quickly and easily; and extend their stay if they wish.

We help Councils and Private Operators save money too - by offering cashless and end to end parking solutions that meet their needs. Our basic RingGo service helps reduce costs of cash collections, banking and processing, machine vandalism, maintenance and theft.

On top of that, we offer virtual permits and dispensations replacing scratchcards and other physical solutions, cashless Park & Ride, emissions based parking and touch screen terminals to mention just a few.

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Cashless Parking

The parking industry treats cash as free, but that’s not reality.

Include costs of machines, repairs, upgrades, theft, vandalism and fraud, not to mention cash collections, processing and banking, and the total cost is substantial.

Why do all this when you could use cashless instead? It’s a cheaper option by far.

Few motorists want to pay with coins anyway. Why would they? Most payments are made by card and parking is almost the only time change is needed.

Perhaps you’re already offering cashless but take up is an issue. If so, ask for ideas about transferring usage.

Equity of charging, incentives and machine removal are all excellent ways to grow your base.

We can offer minority solutions as well, such as payments through shops, if the thought of “cashless only” is a step too far.

Virtual Visitor and Other Parking Permits

Are your residents using scratchcards for visitor parking? Why not transfer to the digital age.

Physical solutions have to be paid for, printed and stored, plus there’s the hassle of distribution.

Whether you offer on line ordering or an expensive Parking Shop, your customers have to plan, while you provide.

RingGo Resident Visitor Permits do away with this hassle. Residents register on line, submitting residency proof if required. Parking staff process applications when it’s convenient as part of a managed workflow.

Once approved, residents phone or use the RingGo app when a visitor needs to park. Details are simply added to the list of registered vehicles.

What’s true for visitors is true for residents and other permits too. Why waste time and money on physical processes and face to face contact, when online solutions offer quicker, easier processing for everyone.

You can include residency checks, take credit or debit card payments and use our white label solution too. Automated reminders for renewals are sent by email. With a full audit trail and digital repository, it’s the efficient way to manage permits at scale.

Emissions based parking

Vehicle emissions are an increasing problem, especially in city centres.

Local authorities and private operators can encourage greater awareness by integrating fuel or environmental based pricing into their offerings.

Whether you tailor your permits to fuel type or vehicle emissions or automatically charge different amounts for standard day parking, is up to you.

RingGo solutions provide the rest.

Staff parking

Do your staff use your parking for business and then have to pay and claim? Perhaps you offer physical permits which are open to abuse? Neither is ideal.

Consider instead our Corporate Journal solution – it significantly reduces your costs. You can offer free, reduced or full charge parking, as well as monitoring when parking sessions are made.

Base permissions on vehicle registration or mobile phone number to cater for pool car usage or staff own vehicles – whatever you need. If you have to reallocate funds between departments, that’s no problem, with our cross charging facility.

What works for you, works for local businesses too. RingGo Corporate makes business parking so much simpler.