ZatPark offers industry leading hosted enforcement notice back office and on-street systems, providing seamless integration to cashless payment services, ANPR installations and parking authorisation terminals.  Our systems provide facilities for embedded appeals management, electronic DVLA, ANPR processing, notice generation and mailing, with feature rich mobile apps providing hand held ANPR as an option. www.zatpark.com

ZatPark has continually disrupted the industry with its innovative approach to parking enforcement since launch in 2010. Now firmly established as a market leader, ZatPark provides complete control of the life-cycle of parking enforcement, from issue to recovery action, and every step in-between.

Some of the ZatPark key industry innovations are:

  • A ‘pay-as-you-go’ parking enforcement system that offers end-to-end automation of the whole ticketing process. The pay-as-you-go model has opened the industry to new operators who previously couldn’t afford the infrastructure to become established.

  • A hosted ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) platform that removes the cost of bespoke software or hardware. Access to the platform is from anywhere via an Internet service and browser that makes it very familiar and easy to use.

  • A system that is configured for each operator’s unique business processes. This provides an ideal opportunity for an operator to reassess and improve areas to enable further efficiencies.

  • A self-configuring Android and Apple App incorporating GPS ANPR/CCTV functionality that enables street-based enforcement officers to use 'over the shelf' consumer-based mobile devices for enforcement that are cost-effective and easier to support then custom devices.

  • Developments such as ‘Nodes’ that provides a full customised visual representation of each ticket as it progresses through ZatPark, has further enhanced the system.

Find out more at ZatPark.com and visit us at Stand F36 for a live system demonstration

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