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Cleverciti Systems has developed an end-to-end solution for parking detection, guidance & monitoring. The aim is to become the global intelligent parking leader by helping cities reducing traffic and pollution, allowing drivers a seamless parking experience, and enabling cities and parking operators to increase parking revenue. Cleverciti is headquartered in Munich with offices in Chicago and San Francisco Bay Area.

The parking management technology combines intelligent parking sensors, 360-degree digital signage, as well as a mobile app to guide driv-ers to available parking spaces with a completely stress-free experience. The technology allows cities, property owners and parking operators to manage both on-street and out-door parking in a clever and efficient way. For example, parking operators can visually identify traffic patterns, reduce costs and increase their revenues by optimizing space usage and prizing. Cleverciti's proprietary sensor technology, which is typically installed on lampposts, can cover up to 100 parking spaces with a single sensor. All of the data is processed via an embedded processor within the sensor itself and the GPS data is securely transmitted via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G networks at low bandwidth. Cleverciti Systems aims to turn the daily parking space search nightmare into a predicta-ble, effortless experience. Looking for a free parking slot is not only one of the biggest daily time-wasters for drivers, it also significantly increases urban and suburban traffic, customer dissatisfaction for retailers and other businesses as well as unnecessary CO2 emissions.

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