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Our industry-leading litigation service ensures that your unpaid debts are kept to a minimum and your legal bills are too. Speak to one of our representatives to find out how court action is affordable even for low value debts and dispel any perception that your tickets are unenforceable. Some of our clients have a payment rate of over 85%!

Gladstones Solicitors represent a large number of companies throughout the UK in relation to the enforcement of unpaid parking charges, including both IPC and BPA members. Many firms struggle with the enforcement of their parking tickets in view of a lingering misconception that such debts are not enforceable. However, our specialised litigation service makes the enforcement of low-value debts possible and helps change the mind-set of those that believe that they can ignore them. Speak to one of our representatives to find out why some of our clients enjoy the highest levels of debt collection in the industry and allow us to send out the strongest message possible that your parking tickets have to be paid. For information as to how to become a customer; please email enquiries@gladstonessolicitors.co.uk

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