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Ballast Nedam Parking: innovative parking solution ModuPark© is Ballast Nedam Parking's ideal solution to the need for temporary (multi story) parking capacity. The solid structure is ready within a few months. In fact, the structure is so solid that longer term use is certainly possible, too.

Ballast Nedam Parking has a concept for modular multi story car parks called ModuPark© (100% subsidiary of Ballast Nedam). A tried and tested concept: in the meantime we have provided a considerable number of clients with temporary (multi story) parking capacity. You can be sure that the project will be realised and carried out smoothly.

About Ballast Nedam Parking We are experts when it comes to parking garages. We know all there is to know about routing, traffic safety and comfort. In every variation and for every user group. Is a parking facility intended for permanent residents? If so, assistance with orientation is less important than it is for shoppers. In the higher-end market, we provide more space for larger company and private vehicles to manoeuvre. At a P+R facility, safety plays a larger role.

A parking garage is often part of an area renovation or other type of large-scale infrastructure project. As part of Ballast Nedam, this is a natural habitat for us. We have extensive experience with coordinating with other builders, area management, just-in-time logistics and LEAN planning with sub-contractors. We place a lot of importance on mutual trust and upholding our agreements.

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Products at the Show

Smart Parking P3

Sophisticated design for hassle-free parking

Many travellers dread having to park at the airport. Parking tends to be far away, it can be difficult to find a spot, and you have to haul your luggage all the way to the terminal. Schiphol wants to make things efficient and comfortable for travellers. That is why they have streamlined all their processes, including security – and parking. Parking needed to be quick and hassle-free. Those were the key principles behind the design of the new P3 car park.

Solution We designed a massive car park for 2,654 cars, with intelligent routing so that you can easily find your way. One-way, counter clockwise traffic and no ramp, but spirals going up to the next level. We chose a column-free span to maintain clear sight lines. This helps ensure public safety space and helps drivers work out where they are. The main staircase helps with this too: it is a yellow beacon that you can see immediately, wherever you are. All in all, a highly efficient car park.

Approach The cooperation went off without a hitch. To develop the final design, we spent two days a week in an office at Schiphol. The short lines of communication made it easy to ensure we were on the same page. Schiphol works with a range of subcontractors and hired us for the coordination. We worked together as a single team, following the LEAN methodology. Everyone took responsibility for doing their own work on time, and for the impact of their work on others. This commitment resulted in an efficient cooperative process, with the work being completed to a very high standard of quality.

Result The building is virtually identical to the initial design. The functional design with its high-quality finish has also turned out to work very well in practice. P3 is always bustling. Even when it is very busy, drivers can be on the shuttle bus in no more than seven minutes, their vacation off to a relaxed start with no stress.

Facts and figures 2,654 parking spaces 5 above-ground parking levels Location: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Client: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Contract type: Design & Construc

Multi story car park at MCS hospital Amsterdam

Car park at Slotervaart Medical Centre

Looking to expand

Space is a scarce commodity at Slotervaart Medical Centre (SMC). Surrounded by residential areas, the site next to the medical centre also houses Slotervaart Hospital, the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, Sanquin and Cordaan. They were also expanding, which left even less room for the car park. We constructed a large car park that could accommodate 1,200 cars, a figure that will soon be doubled.

Problem Employees, visitors, patients: everyone is constantly coming and going at SMC. And the planned expansion means it is only going to get busier. To provide parking spaces for all these extra people, a car park with an eventual capacity of 2,400 had to be built in two stages. The main requirement is that is has to be a carefree parking experience: people coming to see their doctor have enough on their plate already, without adding parking stress into the mix. Sustainability was another key requirement, and SMC also wanted the car park to be as low-maintenance as possible.

Solution With sites as busy as this, the layout is vital. Our entire focus was on user-friendliness and making it as intuitive as possible to find your way in and out. For example, we used diagonal parking spaces that enabled easy parking and indicated the correct direction of travel. We also used large spans to ensure a clear view, unhindered by concrete columns. Based on these principles, we designed a functional building and clad it with bamboo. Bamboo is extremely sustainable, as the plant continues to grow after it is cut. In addition, it does not need to be painted or lacquered.

Approach Coordination was the key to success. We coordinated our work with other developers on the site. We ensured the materials were delivered just in time and we planned ahead. For example, we ordered the 3,000 bamboo poles at a very early stage, as they have a delivery time of three months. While we waited for the bamboo, we built the entire structure, and by the time we had finished decorating the façade, the car park was already in full use.

Results Slotervaart Medical Centre's visitors, patients and staff now have access to a pleasant car park with a refreshing look. The stylish glass stairwell completes the picture perfectly, and the building requires practically zero maintenance. During stage two of the construction, we will remove the exterior decoration on one side and add a second structure with the same capacity onto the structure built in stage one. This will ensure SMC is fully equipped for the future! Characteristics 1,196 parking spaces 32,000m2 of floor area Ground floor + six storeys Client: Slotervaart Medical Centre Contract type: Design & Construction

Temporary car park at the District Court of Amsterdam

Secure parking

While waiting for new construction to be completed, the District Court of Amsterdam was looking for temporary parking facilities for its staff. Judges and lawyers are responsible for prosecuting hardened criminals, so it is vital these professionals cannot be approached while walking to their car. To ensure this, we constructed a secure and open-plan car park where court staff can walk around with complete peace of mind.

Problem The court needed a complete car park to use for four to six years, after which the site would need to be cleared. Public safety was of paramount importance, so a speed gate, access security and camera surveillance were installed. Another requirement was sustainability: all building materials had to be cleared away for reuse upon decommissioning.

Solution ModuPark® – a construction kit consisting of prefab concrete and steel elements forming a tried and tested structure – satisfied these requirements perfectly. Once the temporary period runs its course, the modules can be disassembled and reused somewhere else. We created an open-plan design with a fully open façade and stairwell, ensuring there were no dark corners anywhere. It was simple, but also extremely secure and functional: everything the client wanted!

Approach Practically the whole of Amsterdam is built on piles, which was also the plan for this structure. However, the situation turned out to be more complex than that, as no piles will be permitted to be left in the ground after the car park is decommissioned. Furthermore, the neighbouring building is equipped with an MRI scanner, which is extremely sensitive to vibrations. We therefore decided to build 'on steel' (concrete pads). To do this, we calculated exactly how the substrate would sink and will continually monitor this factor during the lifespan of the car park. This enabled us to build a robust car park without driving a single pile.

Results The result is a basic yet fully secure and user-friendly car park with generously wide lanes, corners and parking spaces, light open-plan areas and no dark corners. To ensure tight security, the car park has been equipped with 22 cameras that transmit live images to the court's control room, ensuring staff can park with total peace of mind.

Characteristics 172 parking spaces ground floor + two storeys Client: District Court of Amsterdam Contract type: Design & Construction

P+R Kralingse Zoom

A comfortable and efficient public transport hub with character

A new park-and-ride facility next to Kralingse Zoom station was intended to give the entire surrounding area a boost. Of course, it is a functional building that is used by visitors briefly and practically. At the same time, it is a landmark that gives the surroundings a sense of identity and is a catalyst for economic activity. We had the privilege of designing and building this innovative kind of P+R.

Solution Together with Zwarts & Jansma Architects, we developed and constructed a180-metre long building matching the curvature of the A16 motorway running alongside it. The top three levels were covered with aluminium slats, making the building a real eye-catcher. On the inside, we developed optimum routing with a lot of attention to public safety and comfort, for example with large amounts of natural light and dimmable lighting – so that visitors not only change their connections efficiently, but do so in a pleasant environment.

Approach The key to success was communication, both with local government and with the stakeholders in the surrounding area. For example, in order to put a large steel span in place, the railway tracks below had to be closed temporarily. This was resolved very efficiently: the railway line continued to run, requiring only a brief transfer which passengers were widely informed about. It also helped that we had all the knowledge at our disposal in-house: road construction, steel, noise protection, engineering, environment, concrete, prefabrication, you name it. We were able to coordinate all these aspects internally.

Result Less than eight minutes after turning off at the exit, drivers will find themselves on the train platform or at the bus stop. The experience of comfort and efficiency permeates the whole space – just as the City of Rotterdam envisaged, and as outlined in the very first visualisations. Should activity in the area increase even further, the P+R is ready for this. The foundations are strong enough to support another three levels on top, doubling the capacity to 2,200 parking spaces.

Facts and figures 500-metre access road 1,040 parking spaces 1,160 additional parking spaces possible in the future Transfer between car, bicycle, underground, bus and ‘people mover’ Location: Kralingse Zoom 70, Rotterdam Client: Municipality of Rotterdam Contract type: Design & Construct

AEGON car park, The Hague

Steering a middle course between legislation, risks and interests

For years, AEGON had struggled with parking congestion. Employees were forced to park in the surrounding areas, which was causing problems. AEGON wanted a new car park to solve this problem, but legislation, risks and the interests of various parties made this difficult. However, we were able to clear the way and provide AEGON with 291 extra parking spaces.

Problem AEGON had just one potential on-site location where a new car park could be built. However, it was highly complex, sandwiched between a railway line, a waste-water discharge pipe and an ecological zone. Our challenge was to create a plan that was acceptable to all of the stakeholders.

Solution We consulted extensively with all stakeholders and adjusted our project plans in accordance with their wishes. For example, we drilled instead of using a pile driver to install the foundations. We also steered well clear of the waste-water pipeline, staying even further away than our calculations told us were necessary: a decision that was particularly appreciated. We also added greenery to the façade. Bit by bit, we tailored a plan that satisfied all legal requirements and stakeholder wishes, and we eventually got the green light.

Approach During construction projects, a certain degree of hindrance is inevitable. We limited this as much as possible by conducting the work in the summer – when the parking congestion is lower – and by working during the building-industry holiday. We also maintained close contact with AEGON regarding a number of issues. For example, we had to ensure our heavy vehicles could pass over their underground car park, which is why we conducted careful measurements and calculations. All of these measures ensured the right result for all parties involved.

Results The AEGON site now features 291 extra parking spaces, and a smart sign on the access road displays the number of available spaces. The spacious lanes and parking spaces enable easy manoeuvring, even in a large business car. The building also blends very nicely into the cityscape. The stylish façade featuring vertical steel strips has the same colour and style as the office block, and the greenery on the façade also blends in with the nature in the environment. Mission accomplished!

Characteristics 348 parking spaces ground floor + three storeys Client: AEGON Contract type: Design & Construction


Bouw Modupark® garage in circa45 werkdagen

Strijp S Eindhoven modular parking

Transferium Deutersestraat 's-Hertogenbosch

Transferium Deutersestraat 's-Hertogenbosch. The greenest P+R parking garage of the Netherlands.

Total capacity of 1160 cars, 260 bicycles. In total 1500 solar panels the awakes 450.000 KwH of power. Half of this will go back to the grind.

Timelapse ModuPark© solution Ballast Nedam Parking EN

Timelaps Medical Center Slotervaart Amsterdam. This is our modular multi story parking concept called ModuPark©

Timelaps building of long term parking at Schiphol P3

Nice timelaps of the building of long term parking P3 at Schiphol Airport.

Kustwerk Katwijk is gereed van zandsuppletie tot parkeergarage

Underground parking garage and coastguard in one