British Parking Association

The BPA is a not-for-profit organisation with 50 years’ experience of leading the sector. We are the largest, most established and trusted professional association representing parking and traffic management in Europe and the recognised authority for parking in the UK.

Our diverse membership of around 700 organisations includes technology developers and suppliers, equipment manufacturers, learning providers, consultants, structural and refurbishment experts, local authorities and parking-on-private-land operators.

Our mission is to actively represent and promote the parking sector by raising standards and professionalism, advancing knowledge and using our influence to deliver high standards that benefit everyone.

We support the Positive Parking Agenda, a national campaign to build public confidence in the parking sector by changing perceptions, challenging misconceptions about the parking sector and local government’s role, and make the parking experience a better one for all concerned.

In our continuing work with government over a number of years, we have been calling for better regulation of the private parking sector. We welcome Sir Greg Knight MP’s Private Members’ Bill that aims to drive consistency and fairness in the private parking sector.

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