Solar Car Park Lighting Systems

Solar powered walkway and car park lighting systems. Bespoke and retro fit designs offer illumination to areas without mains power connection.

Solar powered walkway and car park lighting systems, are designed and assembled using high performance LED’s. These solar lights can be used across the UK. Our lighting systems provide illumination to areas which are either un-adopted or not cost effective to trench mains powered cable connections. Sometimes because of vermin existing underground cables become damaged and therefore have to be decommissioned. When faced with those circumstances, we can provide retro fit luminaries as a solution. These sit on existing lighting columns so that those situations can be resolved without digging up roads and paths. Our products are matched to the vernacular need or specification. If required we can provide guidance to the most effective methods of storage using solar power. Contact us by phone: 01646 600151 or email info@solardragons.co.uk

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Johnathan Rowles